Friday, February 3, 2012

To A dear Friend

So I was talking about this last night with a good friend but I didn't explain it well. So I wanted to further explain in writing. But I felt that this concept was worth sharing to anyone else who wants to read. So enjoy. And take it or leave it. 

Living in the moment. It is not about just doing what you want.. when you want. Its a more spiritual peaceful thing to think about/ live. 

Living in the moment. The here and the now is about using all of your senses in a particular time and space. And not thinking about the past and the future. So many people are uncomfortable with the now, and what is happening in that moment so they jump to the past and future in there mind. But If a person can learn to accept the now and live in that time. they will see and feel so many beautiful things. 

For example next time you have lunch by yourself, instead of thinking about what you have to do later that day or next year. Take in that moment. Look for the good and use all of your senses to absorb that time and space. Chew your food slowly and taste every flavor. Look around to see something that catches your eye. Whether it is the way light is entering a room, or some one's uncanny smile. What ever you see, I promise you will feel peace in that moment.

Take that concept and use it on a daily basis. When someone is talking to you, really listen. When you are watching a film, really watch. When you are at a concert. Really Listen. Figure out what part of the song your hear. and why not dance. 

In a positive way, make your body vulnerable to these moments. Allow your body and mind to be at one place at one time. And give your mind a chance to rest, and be stress free for that particular moment.

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