Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I am ready. I am ready. 

This is the journey that I have been searching for. Its words and sounds have been growing in my mind for some time. As a dear friend sparked the idea of travel in my head, its actions have never felt more necessary. I am in search for something purer. Something real. Emotions that feel as tangible. I have felt some discomfort in my environment for some time. This is not a hateful discomfort. I truly love and respect where I am from and all the people that fill my current environment. The reason for discomfort to me is unknown but I compare it to the concept of oil and water. I feel as if I have been the oil dropped into a bottle of water that slowly bubbles up, gets shook, and resurfaces to sits on the top. I observe but never really dissolve. I am constantly embodying new information and understandings of life, but never really have time to think about its repercussions to___. Nor have I allowed myself. That is why I need a change. I recognize my anxiety and I am now in search for peace. 
    I harness chance, and I have the innate feeling this going to be the catalyst that helps me begin to dissolve the oil that sits on the surface of my skin. 

  I want a break and a strike of vertigo. That is why I need to get away, and reset my gears into a rhythm that seems more suitable to nature.

I need to see the beauty.. and the misfortune. Just like one must see the sun rise in order to set, we must awake to sleep. These are the seasons, and how can we know anything if we don't ride the cycle. 

I am going West to East; creating balance and totality within my self by filling the void of all my questions. 

This is life,
And I will sit with that. 

Claire <3 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Navajo Tribute

My museums studies Final from last year. A little late on posting this.  But my previous post and studying Jackson Pollock brought me back here. 

Louie Gonnie