Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project one. Media.

This is my first project for my media class! So excited to finally learn some about filming and editing. The assignment was to appropriate video footage, or take any pre-existing videos and edit them to form a new meaning. Much like any DJ music. So, I decided to edit footage and create a personal narrative from anything and everything that I really really liked. The sounds are three songs that I have chopped up, spliced, reversed, and slowed down to further fit to the imagery. The first song is derived from "We may have a map of the Piano" by Mum. And the second song is "Ebudae" by Enya. I also have a small incision of a song by Emancipator towards the end. The meaning is mostly about escaping judgement and accepting the "secrete". Once you have accepted this gift from nature you can always live in a state of harmony. (it also suppose to play with your emotions a bit)

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