Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Inspiration of the day. Strange Faces and Hair.

I am really interested in strange people, places, and things. Nouns. Strange Nouns. 

Although if you have a better adjective please share. Strange just has such a negative connotation as it rolls off our big sloppy tongues.  I want a word that is more uplifting than STRANGE. Its too bold. I need  f    fluidityyyy  yy  y. I just want a word that will pick out the S and the E and call it beautiful. 

But what about strange adjectives? 




So. Now, these images below. 

Amandin Paulandree.

 Animates the hair as a unknown physical being. A creature. One that lurks in nature, and crawls through our dying woods. It spreads out its arms and feasts.

I figured it out. Hair is the cause of forest destruction!

delane yallen

I really enjoy the loss of identity through patterns and texture in this image. She is disguising her body into this space.


Woooahh. I caught you. And I feel lucky.

This artist uses the flash to capture a single moment in time while blurring out the background. His body is melting into the environment. Maybe stressing the ephemeral sate of nature and the human body? None the less I like the idea of loosing yourself in nature.


A am obsessed with this portrait. Her hair is adhering and consuming my mind!.. and her friend's. It is such an interesting way to juxtapose figures while incorporating positive and negative space. Its elegant but completely madding.


Perfectly cleaned and polished. Only to find that my hands are too big and my hair looks like a chode. Oh will I ever get it right...  Well, Tom Palumbo it doest matter because awkward grace is stunning. And it looks just fine to me.

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